Activate Mozilla

A campaign for Mozillians around the world to have impact in areas key to Mozilla’s mission.

teach Teach The Web In order to use and build the web as a global public resource people must have the skills to read, write, and participate online. Help create a world of informed digital citizens with a club that promotes web literacy on your campus and in your community. Learn more

teach Build The Web The web needs skilled communities of makers and innovators building and supporting technologies that keep it open and accessible to all. Bring together the technical community on your campus to build a more open web for everyone. Learn more

teach Protect The Web In order for the web to stay open and accessible to all people need to feel safe online and know how to fight for and defend against the biggest challenges and opportunities that face the internet today. Rally your campus behind the issues that matter most. Learn more


Are you interested in other areas? Check our roadmap to see what’s coming soon.