2-3 hours total


Providing Mozilla’s global community the opportunity to review the 2.0 Community Participation Guidelines draft will provide critical feedback for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at Mozilla as well as provide greater awareness to Mozilla’s communities of how the CPG supports healthy communities.

Diversity & Inclusion helps us achieve our mission: ”To ensure the Internet is a global public resource open and accessible to all.”

Community Participation Guidelines are global guidelines that apply to everyone in the Mozilla community - staff and volunteers. The CPG presents a vision for Mozilla’s community, and lays out behavior expectations, processes to raise concerns, and consequences. The CPG is governed by owners of forums, events and activities supported by Employee Relations and the D&I team.

Impact and Metrics

Goals for this area


  • 100 volunteer Mozillians have provided feedback on the draft Community Participation Guidelines.


  • 50 volunteer Mozillians have completed this activity by March 15th.
  • 25 Mozillians have shared the CPG with their community/region and collected feedback.

Audience for this activity

The audience for this activity is all Mozillians who care about building empowered and healthy communities.

We acknowledge that this first draft is provided in English only , however future releases are planned in other languages with feedback opportunities with each available.

Activity Format

This activity is broken into small modules of learning and sharing, with associated times for completion. This format is intended to help you pace your completion according to the time available in your week.

Event Flow

30 Minutes, Self-Study.

1. What is the CPG?

Read the draft of the Community Participation Guidelines 2.0.

30 Minutes, Connected Task.

2. Connected Task

Choose from one of these 2 options for sharing feedback:

  • Discourse: Share your feedback (in any format) and feedback on the CPG on this Discourse topic.
  • Confidential feedback (not public): inclusion@mozilla.com .

NOTE: Inclusion email reaches our VP of People and D&I Team.

1 Hour Video or Telegram Discussion


Come together to discuss the CPG draft feedback with Mozilla’s D&I Lead Larissa Shapiro, and others focused on healthy communities.

You can sign up for a call using calendly. Please select one of:


  • Join our #Mozillians Telegram & Twitter live chat on March 9th !

15 minutes, self-reflection


Please let us recognize your good work (proof of accomplishment required.)

Please fill out this form to receive credit for completion this activity.