This activity has great potential to make an impact by increasing overall involvement in Nightly, simply by introducing community to tasks that they can engage in related to Nightly. Finding and filing issues early in the cycle means by the time Firefox gets to release, the code is in good shape.

Every day, Mozilla developers write code that is merged into a common code repository (mozilla-central) and every day that code is compiled so as to create a pre-release version of Firefox based on this code for testing purposes - this is what we call a Nightly build. Once this code matures, it is merged into stabilization repositories (Beta) where that code will be polished until we reach a level of quality that allows us to ship a new final release version of Firefox to hundreds of millions of people. This development process used to ship a new version of Firefox every 5 to 8 weeks is called the Train Model.

Event Flow

While this activity can be run solo, we encourage you to run an event in your community.

2-4 Weeks Before the Event

  1. Read the Event Guide which helps you to organize the activity
  2. Copy and adapt the Introduction to Nightly slides
  3. Give a thought whether it will be self-facilitated or with someone who has Nightly experience. You can find help on the Mozilla Nightly Testers Telegram group or the Nightly channel.
  4. Create an event page on a platform popular in your locale, such as Facebook or, and keep posting interesting information about Nightly & related topics to keep continue the conversation on Twitter.

TIP: In case you expect bandwidth issues you can download copies of Nightly for every platform as well as Android builds to an USB stick in case you don’t have enough bandwidth for downloads at the event.

Duration: For duration, we recommend 1-3 hours with at least 5 attendees.

1 Week Before the Event

  1. Confirmed selected attendees through email
  2. Distribute the following list of tasks to do before event:
    • Tell the audience to bring laptops and all mobile devices to the event
    • Check bugzilla credentials for organizers (if needed, ask for edit bugs/can confirm permissions)

During the event

  1. Briefly introduce Nightly channel and why it is important to use in your locale using your slide deck
  2. Get people to install Nightly on their devices
    • Explain telemetry
  3. According to your audience background
  4. Encourage participants to keep using Nightly

Directly at the end of the activity

Immediately after the event don’t forget to share the link to the impact form with your attendees:

Remember this is how you’ll know who attended your event, and if you successfully inspired them to action! We recommend adding it to your final slide AND emailing it out after the event.


Additional to the recommended event flow here are some things we’d like you, the event organizer, to do.

  • Fill out the post-event metrics on the event page you set-up on the Reps portal
  • Tell us about your event. We love to hear about upcoming plans, and of course love to hear about what was achieved at the event with a picture or two! This will also be instructional and inspirational to others who might do the event. Here is the Discourse post to write to.
  • Send an email to all participants with a summary and ask them to fill out the survey.
  • Encourage attendees who want to continue to work on Nightly to sign up to the Discourse category.


Want to find out more about the Firefox Nightly community? Ping us on the #nightly channel on or join the Telegram Nightly channel. You can also find us on Twitter @FirefoxNightly.


Additional information about Nightly can be found on the Nightly Wiki page. You can also help Firefox by Foxfooding!

If your session was a success, there are two other Activities that require pre-release builds, how about running one of those as well?