Having more developers understand, use and evangelize this language will advance make the web better and more secure.

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. Find out more…

Activity Format

Get your community behind this exciting new programming language by running a learning event.

  1. Read the event guide on how to set up an event page and how to organize an event.
  2. Choose whether this will be self-facilitated or with someone who has Rust experience (see below)

For duration, we recommend a half-day (or full evening) event with a minimum of 15-25 attendees.

There are two options for facilitation:

  1. Ask a person with experience with Rust to attend and provide guidance to attendees. There are a few ways to try to find local Rust experts to invite:
  2. If the facilitators have little or no Rust experience, turn it into a learning session for everyone, where you go through the steps together. Some Mozillians have already done such sessions. For example our Community Spaces have, so you can reach out the them to ask for some guidance.

Event Flow

Directly at the end of the activity

Immediately after the event don’t forget to share the link to the impact form with your attendees:

Remember this is how you’ll know who attended your event, and if you successfully inspired them to action! We recommend adding it to your final slide AND emailing it out after the event.

Other Resources



Additional to the recommended event flow here are some things we’d like you, the event organizer, to do.

  • Fill out the post-event metrics on the event page you setup on the Reps portal
  • Optionally, tell us about your event. This can be before or after. We love to hear about upcoming plans, and of course love to hear about what was achieved at the event with a picture or two! This will also be instructional and inspirational to others who might do the event.


While the focus of this activity should be on these events, there are other ways to stay more involved with the Rust community after.