This activity is retired. What this means is that we don’t recommend that you run the activity at this time and resources will no longer be available.

When building features for hundreds of millions of Firefox users worldwide, it’s important to get them right. To help figure out which features should ship and how they should work, we created the new Test Pilot program. Test Pilot is a way for you to try out experimental features and let us know what you think. You can turn them on and off at any time, and you’ll always know what information you’re sharing to help us understand how these features are used. Of course, you can also use Test Pilot to provide feedback and suggestions to the teams behind each new feature.

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Activity Format

While this activity can be run solo, we encourage you to run an event in your community to get together people to learn about testing experimental Firefox features and discuss what is upcoming in the browser. We recommend a smaller, more informal event, such as a MozCoffee.

Event Flow


Additional to the recommended flow here are some things we’d like you, the event organizer, to do.


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